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Video recordings of Re-Bel’s webinars can be found on this page, as well as on the Re-Bel initiative YouTube channel. To receive email invitations to future webinars, sign up for email updates on the Contact page.

Een staatshervorming voor betere gezondheidszorg
Une réforme de l’Etat pour de meilleurs soins de santé

Re-Bel’s 22nd public event was held on Thursday 12 November 2020. The archived programme can be found here. The webinar was coordinated by Erik Schokkaert (KU Leuven and Re-Bel) and Estelle Cantillon (ULB and Re-Bel), with a presentation by Jan De Maeseneer (UGent), comments by Jean Macq (UC Louvain), Margot Cloet (Zorgnet-Icuro) and Jean Hermesse (formerly from Mutualiltés Chrétiennes), and concluding remarks by Philippe Van Parijs (UCLouvain and Re-Bel). The webinar was moderated by Béatrice Delvaux (Le Soir) and Karel Verhoeven (De Standaard). Videos of the event can be watched below.

Minority government: why and why not?

Re-Bel’s 21st public event, held on Thursday 17 September 2020. The archived programme can be found here. Interventions by Kris DESCHOUWER (VUB), Bonnie FIELD (Bentley University), Lucien RIGAUX (ULB) and Paul DE GRAUWE (LSE) can be watched below.