The federal constituency – a way out of the federal deadlock ?

Wednesday 22 March 2023 from 5 to 7pm
at the University Foundation and on Zoom

Een federale kieskring om federaal België weer vlot te krijgen?
Une circonscription fédérale pour débloquer la Belgique fédérale?

The event was devoted to the proposal of a federal constituency (circonscription fédérale, federale kieskring). The introductory panel consisted of Egbert LACHAERT (voorzitter Open VLD), Peter DE ROOVER (fractievoorzitter Kamer N-VA), Anne LAMBELIN (vice-présidente PS), Christian BEHRENDT (ULiège & KU Leuven) and Petra MEIER (UAntwerpen).

The conversation was moderated, as usual, by Béatrice DELVAUX (Le Soir) and Karel VERHOEVEN (De Standaard).

Re-Bel devoted an e-book to this theme in 2009 with the participation of foreign scholars. It is available on our website in English, Dutch and French. Many other substantive discussions of the federal constituency have been published since the Pavia Group launched the debate in 2007. They can be found on