Rethinking Belgium’s institutions in the European context

Through the publication of e-books and the organisation of public events, the Re-Bel initiative aims to rethink in depth what the institutions of the Belgian federal state – or of whatever else this part of the world needs to become – can and must look like in the longer term, taking full account of the evolving European context.

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The Re-Bel initiative does not aim to produce one programme or manifesto to which everyone involved could subscribe. Its ambition is rather to provide a fertile intellectual environment in which new ideas and promising initiatives of all sorts can germinate and develop, with a concern for their relevance to a thorough reform of Belgium’s institutions, but also to the institutional design of other complex polities, most obviously the European Union. The initiative is sponsored by the Brussels-based University Foundation, which will host all its activities. One of the missions of the University Foundation is to foster contacts and collaboration between all Belgian universities. The Re-Bel initiative will contribute to it, especially through the publication of a series of collective e-books and through the organisation of public events.


The Re-Bel e-book series publicise innovative reform proposals for Belgium’s institutional structure. 


Re-Bel organises public events to hold open discussions about innovative reform proposals. 


Is this a last-ditch attempt to save Belgium? Why stress the European context? Why in English?

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