Belgique à quatre / België met vier — und Ostbelgien ?

Re-Bel Zoom webinar
Thursday 25 November 2021, 12.15-1.45 pm 

Why does the German-speaking Community want to become a Region? Which powers does it find important to acquire? Which ones does it wish to keep sharing with Wallonia? Given the size of the population of this fourth region, wouldn’t a Belgium with four be very unbalanced? In order to secure the financial sustainability of Ostbelgien, can a financing regime  common to all four regions be suitable? Or would Ostbelgien need a special arrangement?  And would the innovative deliberative governance it recently initiated be continued?

Language regime: Dutch and French 
Moderation: Béatrice DELVAUX (Le Soir) & Karel VERHOEVEN (De Standaard)
Welcoming: Philippe VAN PARIJS (Re-Bel & UCLouvain) 
Introduction: Karl-Heinz LAMBERTZ (Präsident des Parlementes der Deutschsprachigen Gemeinschaft)
Challenges: Petra MEIER (Universiteit Antwerpen) and Christoph NIESSEN (UCLouvain)
General discussion
Concluding comments: Paul DE GRAUWE (Re-Bel & LSE)


Ostbelgien: op weg naar een volwaardig gewest?
Paul DE GRAUWE & Philippe VAN PARIJS, De Standaard, 24 november 2021.

Ostbelgien: vers une région à part entière?
Paul DE GRAUWE & Philippe VAN PARIJS, Le Soir, 24 novembre 2021.

Ostbelgien in einem Belgien zu viert
Paul DE GRAUWE & Philippe VAN PARIJS, Grenzecho (Eupen), 25. November 2021.