The Future of Belgium’s Press

12th Public Event of the Re-Bel initiative
Thursday 18 June 2015, 2 to 6pm

Common challenges and contrasting prospects in the North and in the South

An e-book based on this event was published in October 2016:
The Future of the Belgian Press

All over the world, the printed press, not least the quality printed press, is facing an unprecedented challenge owing to the expansion of the internet as an alternative medium of communication. Part 1 will provide an overview of the current situation and trends affecting Belgium’s Dutch-language and French-language press and attempt to shed light on the striking differences this overview will reveal. Part 2 will start with a diverse panel of actors sketching how they see the future for Belgium’s press, and in particular what they believe needs doing in order to address the new threats and seize the new opportunities in the service of a high-quality press. As usual, there will be plenty of room for a lively discussion with the audience.


1.30 pm

2-3.45 pm
Part 1: “Is the situation of the press different in Dutch-speaking Belgium, in French-speaking Begium, in neighbouring countries, and why?”

Lead pieces presented by
Frédéric Antoine (UCL) and François Heinderyckx (ULB), authors the État des lieux des médias d’information en Belgique francophone
Els De Bens (UGent, author of De Pers in België, 2007) with Karin Raeymaeckers (director of the Center for Journalism Studies, UGent)

3.45-4.15 pm: Coffee break

Part 2: How can one secure an adequate production of the public good “quality press”?

Panel with the participation of
Ides Debruyne, managing director,
Béatrice Delvaux, éditorialiste en chef, Le Soir
Tom Naegels, ombudsman, De Standaard
Leo Neels, chairman of the Board of the press agency Belga (1994-2014)
Karl van den Broeck, editor in chief, Apache

6pm: Reception