Right-wing Flanders, left-wing Wallonia? / Should the obligation to vote be abolished?

5th Public Event of the Re-Bel initiative
9th June 2011, 2-6pm


13.30 Registration

14.00 Right-wing Flanders, left-wing Wallonia? Is this so? If so, why? And is it a problem? 
Speakers: Henk DE SMAELE (UA), Jérôme JAMIN (ULg), Jaak BILLIET (K.U.Leuven)

Chair: Bruno DE WEVER (Re-Bel & UGent)
Introduction: Philippe VAN PARIJS (Re-Bel & UCLouvain)

15.45 Coffee break

16.15 Should the obligation to vote be abolished? Or should it be better enforced? 
Speakers: Pascal DELWIT (ULB), Justine LACROIX (ULB), Yves DESMET (De Morgen)

Chair: Johanne POIRIER (Re-Bel & ULB)
Conclusion: Paul DE GRAUWE (Re-Bel & K.U.Leuven)

18.00 Reception

Background Documents & Contributions

Right-wing Flanders, left-wing Wallonia?
• National identity and attitude toward foreigners in a multinational state, by Billiet, Maddens, Beerten
• The Producerist Narrative in Right-wing Flanders, by Jérôme Jamin
• How ‘real’ is Right-Wing Flanders ?, by Henk de Smaele
• (sub)nationalism and attitude towards immigrants, by Jaak Billiet

Should the obligation to vote be abolished?
• Compulsory voting in Belgium and in Europe, by Pascal Delwit
• Is Compulsory Voting Justified in a Liberal Democracy?, by Justine Lacroix
• Compulsory vote, by Yves Desmet