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The Re-Bel e-book series aims to publicize innovative reform proposals for Belgium's institutional structure and to foster open and well-informed discussion about them. Click on the e-book titles below to access detailed information and links to download the e-book in full or in separate chapters.

TRANSLATIONS Re-Bel's choice of functioning in English has many advantages, but prevents its publications from feeding Belgium's public debate as much as they could do. Thanks to the support of the University Foundation, some of the e-books are now available in Dutch and French.

E-book 20
Multi-level Nationalism? The Catalan question and its lessons for Belgium and for Europe

Contributions by Bruno DE WEVER, Louis VOS, Clara PONSATI, Bart MADDENS, Paul DE GRAUWE, Vincent SCHELTIENS, Eric STORM, Paul DE GRAUWE, Sophie HEINE, Bart DE WEVER, Paul MAGNETTE and Justine LACROIX.

Published in June 2018, 67 pages. E-book's page

E-book 19
The Future of the Belgian Press

Lead piece by: Els De Bens and Karin Raeymaeckers. Comment by Frédéric Antoine.

E-book 18
(Con)federalism: Cure or Curse?

Editors Editors: Kris Deschouwer & Johanne Poirier. Contributions by Kris Deschouwer, Philippe Destatte, Michael Keating, John Loughlin, Johanne Poirier, Jan Velaers

Published in English in July 2015, 41 pages. E-book's page

E-book 17
Corruption in today’s Belgium

Edited by Estelle Cantillon
Contributions by Antonio Estache, Jeroen Maesschalck and François Vincke

Published in English in June 2015, 41 pages. E-book's page

E-book 16
Economic regulation in today’s Belgium

Edited by Estelle Cantillon
Contributions by Jan Bouckaert and Axel Gautier, Paul De Grauwe and Yumei Ji, Patrick Van Cayseele

Published in English in March 2015, 39 pages. E-book's page

E-book 15
Belgium’s Diverging Memories. Is this so? If so, why? And is it a problem?

Edited by Bruno De Wever
Contributions by Maarten Van Ginderachter, Ann Roekens & Axel Tixhon, Nico Wouters, Laurence van Ypersele

Published in English in January 2015, 37 pages. E-book's page

E-book 14
The Malaise of Electoral Democracy and What to Do About It

Prologue and epilogue by David Van Reybrouck
Lead Pieces by Didier Caluwaerts & Min Reuchamps, and Kristof Jacobs
Commentary by Philippe Van Parijs

Published in English in April 2014, 68 pages. E-book's page

E-book 13
Must Brussels’s communes be merged ? The experiences of Antwerp, Berlin and Vienna

Lead Piece by Wouter Van Dooren & Dave Sinardet
Published in English, Dutch and French in September 2013, 47 pages. E-book's page

E-book 12
Right-wing Flanders, left-wing Wallonia? Is this so? If so, why? And is it a problem?

Foreword: Bruno De Wever
Lead Pieces: Henk de Smaele, Jaak Billiet, Jérôme Jamin
Published in January 2012, 37 pages. E-book's page

E-book 11
The linguistic territoriality principle: right violation or parity of esteem ?

Lead Piece: Philippe Van Parijs
Comments: Helder De Schutter, François Grin, Alain Maskens, Henry Tulkens, Harry Van Velthoven, Jan Velaers
Published in October 2011, 77 pages. E-book's page

E-book 10
Belgium's health care system. Should the communities/regions take it over? Or the sickness funds?

Lead Piece: Erik Schokkaert & Carine Van de Voorde
Comments: David Crainich, Jan De Maeseneer, Myriam De Spiegelaere, Brigitte Dormont, Johan C. Kips, Fred Schroyen, Erik Schut
Published in September 2011, 73 pages. E-book's page

E-book 9
Social Federalism: How is a multi-level welfare state best organized?

Lead Piece: Patricia Popelier, Bea Cantillon & Ninke Mussche (Universiteit Antwerpen)
Comments: Benoît Crutzen (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Johanne Poirier (ULB), and Frank Vandenbroucke (Leuven and Antwerpen)
Foreword: Bea Cantillon
Published in February 2011, 32 pages. E-book's page

E-book 8
Educational Divergence - Why do pupils do better in Flanders than in the French community?

Lead Piece: Vincent Vandenberghe (UCLouvain)
Comments: Sergio Perelman, Pierre Pestieau and Daniel Santin (Liège), Jean Hindriks and Marijn Verschelde (Louvain and Gent), Frank Vandenbroucke (Leuven and Antwerpen), and Dirk Jacobs (ULB)
Foreword: Paul De Grauwe and Philippe Van Parijs
Published in February 2011, 48 pages. E-book's page

E-book 7
What does geography teach us about the future of Belgium’s institutions?

Contributions: Jacques-François Thisse and Isabelle Thomas (UCLouvain), Patrick Deboosere (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Paul C. Cheshire (London School of Economics), Bea Cantillon, Seppe De Blust and Aaron Van den Heede (Universiteit Antwerpen)
Foreword: Paul De Grauwe and Philippe Van Parijs
Published in November 2010, 63 pages. E-book's page

E-book 6
What does history teach us about the future of Belgium’s institutions?

Contributions: Herman Van Goethem (Universiteit Antwerpen), Vincent Dujardin (Université catholique de Louvain), Jean Pirotte and Luc Courtois (Université catholique de Louvain), Bruno De Wever (Universiteit Gent), Marc Hooghe and Luc Huyse (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)
Editor: Bruno De Wever (Universiteit Gent)
Published in October 2010, 46 pages. E-book's page

E-book 5
Towards a more efficient and fair funding of Belgium’s regions?

Lead pieces: Robert Deschamps, Christophe Ernaelsteen, Michel Mignolet, Marie-Eve Mulquin and Alexandre de Streel (FUNDP) and Dirk Heremans, Theo Peeters, and Annelore Van Hecke (KULeuven)
Editors: Paul De Grauwe (KULeuven) and Mathias Dewatripont (ULB)
Published in August 2010, 45 pages. E-book's page

E-book 4
Electoral engineering for a stalled federation

Lead piece: Kris Deschouwer (VUB) and Philippe Van Parijs (UCLouvain)
Published in July 2009, 53 pages. E-book's page
Subsequent reactions to the e-book by Rudy Andeweg, Laurent de Briey, Bart Maddens.

E-book 3
Is democracy viable without a unified public opinion?

Lead piece: Nenad Stojanovic (Universität Zürich)
Editors: Dave Sinardet (UA) and Marc Hooghe (KULeuven)
Published in English in June 2009, 53 pages.
Published in Dutch and French with a new preface in December 2013, 61 pages. E-book's page

E-book 2
Does it make sense to regionalize labour market institutions?

Lead piece: Jean-Claude Marcourt and Frank Vandenbroucke (employment ministers for Wallonia and Flanders, respectively)
Editors: Bart Cockx (UGent) and Bruno Van der Linden (UCLouvain)
Published in April 2009, 36 pages. E-book's page
Subsequent reactions to the e-book by Koen ALGOED and Frank VANDENBROUCKE.

E-book 1
On the interaction between subsidiarity and interpersonal solidarity

Lead piece: Jacques Drèze (UCLouvain)
Editor: André Decoster (KULeuven)
Published in April 2009, 54 pages. E-book's page

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